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The MJA HealthCare is one of Pennsylvania's most advanced clinics specializing in the
management and treatment of pain and general wellbeing. Millions of Americans suffer
from different painful conditions daily, and quite often they have suffered for years without
adequate treatment.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of our patients. Too many times, people suffer
everyday, and are unable to enjoy daily activities with their families and loved ones.
Whether it is enjoying a nice evening stroll or playing a round of golf, we try to help all of our
patients manage their pain so they can get back to living a normal life.

Our philosophy at the MJA HealthCare, P.C. is to help our patients cope with and manage
their pain through a multidisciplinary approach. There are many causes of pain, and
treatment must attack these causes through several different techniques. A combined use
of nerve blocks, nerve ablations, surgical implants, physical therapy exercises, mind and
body exercises, lifestyle changes, medical massage, medications, and sometimes surgery
allow us to offer a complete menu of comprehensive services to help our patients.
Pain Management ~  Integrative Health Care
Mikhail Artamonov, MD, PhD
Melissa Gaspar, PA-C
Danniel Reyes, DC
Anthony Mullen, DCM (P), RT
Workman's Compensation
Personal Injury
Smoking Cessation (unique combination of most advanced laser therapy and
acupuncture along with nutritional support and biofeedback)

Weight Management (proprietary program using different modalities to achieve a
steady long term weight control instead of dangerous “crash dieting” systems)

Anti-Aging Services (Bioidentical Hormone Supplementation, DNA-based nutritional
assessment and correction, customized vitamins, Health Passport Technologies and
many others)

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Services (non-surgical liposuction, facial massage, anti-
wrinkle therapies etc.)

We are using most advanced and non-invasive technologies in the world that allows
us to achieve a much higher success rate compared to other clinics. Our Health &
Wellness Center is a proud member of Health Is Everything Social Health Network –
the most advanced and progressive Health & Wellness Organization in the world –
please visit www.HealthIsEverything.com for more info.
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MJA Healthcare Mount Pocono
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Courtyard Building
Tobyhanna PA, 18466
Tel: 570-872-9800
Fax: 570-872-9888

110 South First Street
Lehighton, PA 18325

2300 Schoenersville Road
Bethlehem, PA 18017

112 South Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314
Here at the MJA HealthCare we
identify and treat the cause of your
pain, and not simply provide
medications that “mask” the
symptoms or are addicting.
We offer nerve blocks, nerve
ablations, minimally invasive surgery,
physical therapy, biofeedback,
psychological consultations, and non
addicting medications to treat your

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Mikhail Artamonov, MD, PhD

Pain Management, minimally
invasive spinal surgery,
orthopedic medicine, integrative
medicine, acupuncture,
anti-aging medicine
Melissa Gaspar, PA-C

Pain Management, trigger point
therapy, Anti-Aging & Functional
medicine, weight loss
Danniel Reyes, DC

Chiropractics, Rehabilitation,
nutrition, musculoskeletal and
sports medicine, pain
Mikhail Artamonov, MD, PhD

Pain Management, minimally
invasive spinal surgery,
orthopedic medicine, integrative
medicine, acupuncture,
anti-aging medicine
Anthony Mullen, DCM (P), RT

Integrative medicine, addiction
medicine, biofeedback, hypnosis,
weight loss, smoking cessation,
respiratory therapy
A member of the Healthypoconos.com Network
Our Health & Wellness Center offers the following Programs: